Hello! I’m Peachy, and this is my page dedicated to my collection of goods from the Lunar series of video games. Lunar has been very important to me since my childhood, and I have always had a passion for collecting. I wanted to make this page as a means to help me track the growth of my collection as well as a place to show my dedication to the series. I’m still a baby collector compared to some other passionate Lunar fans, but I am proud of what I have so far!

Collecting Status
Semi-hiatus, will still purchase inexpensive goods.

Another defeat on YAJ

It’s been awhile since I last tried to win a Lunar item through auction on YAJ, but I saw an interesting item I had never seen before, which was a Nall pin badge.

Nall and Grandia pin badges

It’s unfortunate, but I didn’t win this auction. Oh, well. To be honest, I am nowhere near as disappointed as I am when I lost that calendar. I was more fascinated by the pin than anything, as it is always nice to learn about new Lunar merchandise so many years later. I hope that whoever won it sincerely enjoys the pin!

YAJ Defeat

A few nights ago, my YAJ alerts emailed me to tell me there was something new and quite interesting under the Eternal Blue keyword; a Gonzo K.K. calendar from 1999 that contained a piece of Lunar 2: Eternal Blue artwork that I had never seen before. Almost two decades after the remake and I had never seen this piece of art before in my life! I promptly hopped over to my usual proxy and attempted to bid on this item, as I so desperately wanted to see this artwork up close.

Unfortunately, I was outbid at the last moment. *sigh* Here’s hoping that whoever the lucky winner was takes an excellent photo of that artwork, as I would love to see it in better quality. I don’t expect a scan of it any time soon, seeing as the calendar is A2 size. Hopefully I can find this calendar again someday.

And it is because of situations like this that I still stand firmly in my belief that we need a complete Lunar art book, or at least a collection of high quality art for Lunar 2: Eternal Blue!